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Identity and Purpose: Closkelt's Wolf Emblem

Branding is a key element in development and success. It is delivered through a wide range of elements all working together across many different mediums to create a consistent and recognisable image of an organisation. Closkelt Pipe Band has had many successes musically and has continued to evolve in recent times, therefore it followed naturally that a fresh and innovative brand would only seek to strengthen the organisation's development and culminate with something that would ultimately differentiate it from similar organisations.

Closkelt had gone through a few looks in its time; from rocks to mountains. The introduction of the bespoke Drumgooland tartan in 2017 signalled a new era of the band with a clear colour scheme: Ancient Scarlet and Oxford Blue. This was adopted into many visual mediums used by the band.

A new emblem was adopted in 2018 to become a valuable visible asset. Originally designed in Siberia, Russia by Sergey Arzamastsev in 2016, the Celtic Knot Wolf Head, often nicknamed 'Wee Chesney' was licensed exclusively to Closkelt by Sergey to become the symbol of Closkelt Pipe Band. The designer often likes posts on the band's social media that relate to or display the wolf emblem. Now instantly recognisable, this symbol encompasses the ancient celtic roots of County Down whilst providing a modern, durable and recognisable shape. The wolf itself symbolises "guardianship, loyalty and spirit with the ability to make quick and firm decisions; also signifies the will to trust personal instincts". Think of the wolf emblem as the face of Closkelt Pipe Band and the values that it holds. The band now proudly wears the celtic wolf on its glengarries and it feature on the skin of the bass drum and the pipe bag covers. Various types of merchandise from t-shirts to mugs are now available from the band's online store.

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